March 25, 2023

Create your own world!

WorldBox is a sandbox game with which you will be able to create your own world and have fun with everything that happens in it. Similar in some ways to big titles like Godus, this game will allow you to create a world complete with its continents, seas, rivers, mountains, forests, and civilizations. But don’t think that this is a simple map maker!

This game is incredibly dynamic, and all the creatures that inhabit it will try to take advantage of the different resources at their disposal to make their way through it.

Put yourself in the role of a god

As a WorldBox 2021 player you will be in the position of a god capable of perceiving everything from his omnipotent position.

You will have a wide variety of powers with which you will be able to shape your world and influence (or not) its development, helping or hindering the different kingdoms that will populate it, and preserving or destroying the continents that you yourself will have created. . Will you be a benevolent or malefic god? Will you start wars, or try to keep the peace?

Features of WorldBox Premium APK

These are the main features that make WorldBox online a unique sandbox in many ways.

All kinds of landscapes – With this game you will be able to create all kinds of landscapes, from large land masses to form continents to islands or archipelagic worlds. Have a great time creating rivers, lakes, volcanoes, forests, beaches, badlands and many more different terrains! Will you create desert worlds with scarce resources, or vast verdant forests for your elven civilizations to proliferate! This game will allow you to do all of this and much more!

Four different races – The worlds you create in this game will be inhabited by four different races: humans, orcs, elves, and dwarves. Each race has its own traits, both physical and cultural, and will seek different areas and resources to develop their own civilizations. In some cases they will have different needs, but in others they will have to compete to expand their territories and appropriate the same resources.

Complex Politics – The kingdoms have a complex system of politics and diplomacy that will cause them to play out in many different ways. They can fight each other, riot, take over the world or collapse trying. From your omnipotent position, you will be able to help them or just let them go their own way and see what happens.

Wide Variety of Creatures – In addition to your main races, the worlds of WorldBox are populated by a whole host of creatures that can wreak havoc. Demons, skeletons, zombies, dragons, UFOs and many more beings will populate your continents and put the lives of your civilizations at risk. You will even have a giant crab that you can control directly to stop the invasions of these creatures… or help them destroy a civilization.

Large community of players – WorldBox new update has its own community of players, with whom you will be able to share your maps and achievements, or the evolution of your worlds. You will also be able to see the content uploaded by them, which will allow you to discover new ideas for your own games or solve doubts that you may have regarding the game.

Download WorldBox APK free for Android

Download WorldBox APK All Unlocked for Android to start enjoying this unique world building game already played by millions of people around the world. Take the opportunity to install the modified version of this game, which will allow you to access new functions and features!

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