March 25, 2023

Get ready to take your clan to the top with Brutal Troop!

The new successor game to the popular Clash of Clans and Brave Conquest is now available for you to enjoy on your smartphone. These games are especially fun because they are kingdom building games. The protagonists of these kingdoms can be barbarians, Vikings, cavemen or any other culture, but what these games have in common is that in all of them you will have a base village to start building your empire and, from there, you will have You have to build new buildings, gather resources and prepare armies to attack your enemies.

Now you can do all of this in a new title called Tropa Brutal! One of the advantages of starting to play these games soon after they are released is that your clan can easily become one of the biggest in the game, so take advantage now to become one of the best players!

What is Brutal Troop? – Brutal Troop Download Free

It is a clan building game with which you will be able to build your clan’s fortress, add new buildings and defensive structures, recruit more than 15 different troops to form a spectacular army, and expand into different territories that will have different characteristics. . With this game you will be able to hunt mammoths or fish for whales, create clans that unite many different tribes, and participate in great global wars that take place in the populous world of Tropa Brutal. What are you waiting for to start playing?

Enjoy one of the most popular clan building games!

Unlike what happens with Clash of Clans, this game is just beginning its journey, but despite this it already has an extraordinary popularity and is becoming the favorite game for millions of people. If you really want to enjoy a clan building game and make sure that your clan becomes the best of all, then you have the perfect opportunity with Brutal Squad!

Furthermore, this game will always keep you busy with the tasks of managing your tribe, which range from harvesting and hunting to building and training troops. And to all this you will have to add diplomacy and battles! Will you be able to manage it all?

Features of Brutal Troop APK

  • More than 15 different troops to choose from. You can train more than 15 types of soldiers in this game, so it will not be enough to simply spend more and more coins to build a super army, but you will also have to take care of creating a balanced army based on your needs and your strategies of warfare. battle. You can defeat much stronger opponents if you have the right troop layout!
  • Construction game. You can also choose to focus more on the construction aspects of the game and create a really productive village capable of thriving and getting you a lot of gold coins. This way you will be able to develop technologies faster and build great defensive structures!
  • Different lands. This game has different types of territories, for example, mountainous areas, lakes, forests, beaches or swamps. Each zone has its advantages and disadvantages: some are easier to defend, while others provide you with better resources. Choose wisely the lands you want to be in charge of to advance your clan!
  • Online battles. Surely one of the most fun aspects of this game are the great online battles that you can play against other clans of other players. You can ally with your friends to create a great clan that defeats all your rivals during battles… or attack them and see who is the best of all. What is clear is that this game will keep you hooked on your smartphone 24 hours a day!

Brutal Troop APK Free Download Latest Version for Android

Build the best clan of barbarians, create an alliance and attack others in this awesome and hilarious clan building game for Android!

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