March 25, 2023

Discover one of the best 2D battle games!

Although some tank games go for incredible realism to give players an immersive experience that works almost like a war sim, sometimes it’s also fun to play more casually with this type of military armored vehicle. That’s why now you can enjoy one of the best 2D tank games for Android with Tank Stars, a game that will allow you to fight against other players in a scenario where only the last one standing will win!

In this game you can organize online and local multiplayer games to have fun with your friends or with strangers in a scenario where different tanks will allow you to enjoy different combat characteristics and choose a whole series of strategies to finish off your rivals. Will you be able to be the last survivor in a crazy battle where missiles and bombs rain? Find out now with the hilarious Tank Stars free for mobile!

What is Tank Stars? –Tank Stars APK

It is a two-dimensional tank battle game where you will be able to select between different tanks to fight in a two-dimensional setting against other players. The key to defeating them is selecting the right angle and intensity of your shots, since in most cases you won’t be able to shoot in a straight line. The only option that you will have to be able to finish off your enemies will normally be to shoot them through parabolas so that your missiles and bombs destroy their tanks.

In this sense, the operation of the game is similar to that of Angry Birds, where you will have to calculate the angle of the shot and the power of the shot so that your missiles fall exactly where you want. In this sense, being in more exposed places on the map will make it easier for your shots to finish off your enemies, but you must be careful, because this in turn will also leave your tank more exposed to the attacks of your rivals!

Tank Stars APK Premium

Possibly this type of gameplay is looking very familiar to you if you have ever played Worms Armageddon. This game marked an authentic era for millions of gamers around the world and had a very similar operation to that offered by Tank Stars. So if you liked Worms Armageddon or any other game in this series, then you will surely love this tank game too!

Tank Stars comes with a complete online multiplayer mode with which you will be able to enjoy really fun games with your friends or with other players from different parts of the world. But you will also be able to play locally on your device without having to connect different Bluetooth controllers, since this game works in turns!

Features – Tank Stars APK

  • Fun 2D tank game. Tank Stars is one of the most fun tank games you can find for smartphones in 2022. You will spend hours and hours trying to destroy your friends’ tanks!
  • Different types of ammunition. You can select between different types of ammunition to have more precision in your shots or cause more damage to your enemies. For each shot you will have to select a specific type of ammunition!
  • Modifiable terrain. You will also be able to make all kinds of modifications to the terrain as your missiles hit. If one of your enemies is in a place where you don’t have an angle of fire, get ready to destroy the terrain that protects them!
  • Inspired by the Worms game series. This game is inspired by other titles like Worms 2 or Worms Armageddon, which set a great precedent and became mythical games that are still popular today.

Tank Stars APK free download latest version for Android

Enjoy one of the best 2D tank games with Tank Stars, a hilarious free tank battle game for Android with which you’ll have the most fun with your friends!

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