March 25, 2023

Design the Asian restaurant of your dreams!

For a few years now, the Kairosoft studio has developed a wide variety of tycoon-type games that have become some of the most successful games on Android. Led by the Game Dev Tycoon APK, Kairosoft’s games also include anime studio, restaurant or spa simulators, and have laid the foundation for a large number of different games where you can create all kinds of companies and try to lead them to success through through your administration.

The game that we bring you today is not developed by Kairosoft, but by a Chinese studio, but it follows the same pattern and even improves it considerably with a lot of new features. This is My Hotpot Story, a restaurant simulator with which you will be able to develop your own Asian restaurant until it becomes one of the most successful you have ever seen. Will you be able to create the best hotpot restaurant and attract the best diners?

What is My Hotpot Story? – My Hotpot Story APK download free for Android

This is a tycoon game where you have to build an Asian restaurant practically from scratch. At the beginning you will only have money to hire a very basic staff and place a couple of tables with which to receive your first clients, so you must be very careful when choosing your decoration and the first courses that you will offer on your menu. The long-term success of your restaurant will depend on your first customers!

When you get some money with your first sales, you can add new dishes to your menu, expand the restaurant’s facilities, improve the decoration and hire some of the best chefs and waiters in the country. This way you will be on your way to success! But you must bear in mind that a more elegant restaurant also attracts more demanding clients, so you must live up to their expectations.

Organize shows for your diners! –My Hotpot Story APK

The possibility of building spaces reserved for private dining is one of the most attractive in My Hotpot Story, since in this way you will be able to charge a lot more for your services, but these clients will be even more picky! You’ll need to serve them the best dishes they’ve ever tasted and make sure your restaurant decor is truly exquisite if you want to keep your reputation intact and continue to host some of the best customers in town.

My Hotpot Story even allows you to organize cultural shows inside your restaurant. This will make your customers want to go to your restaurant not only to enjoy the food, but also to explore an authentic and complete experience. Will you be able to build the most successful Asian restaurant in the world? Show that you can be the best restaurateur with this fun tycoon game!

Features – My Hotpot Story APK free shopping

  • Restaurant tycoon game. In this restaurant game you will be able to create your own Asian restaurant and make it one of the best in the city. You will be in charge of its menu, its decoration, the hiring of the staff and much more.
  • Design and organize your Asian restaurant. Restaurant design is one of the most fun aspects of the game, because it allows you to create totally unique restaurants with spectacular decorations.
  • It offers better dishes. Improving your dishes will be essential to attract customers with more money and more willing to pay for a first-rate dining experience.
  • Book shows. The creation of reserved spaces and the hiring of cultural shows are two of the aspects with which you can take your My Hotpot Story restaurant to the top.

My Hotpot Story APK 2023 Free Download Latest Version for Android

Have a blast playing one of the best restaurant tycoon games you’ve ever seen and design your own Asian restaurant to wow your customers!

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