March 25, 2023

Do you miss the Jaws movies?

We’ve all seen some of the famous Jaws movies, shot in the late ’70s with an unforgettable soundtrack by John Williams.

In those movies we were terrified of the shark attack and we prayed that the protagonists would be saved, but the time has come to reverse the roles! With Hungry Shark World you will be able to be the shark that dedicates itself to eating everything in its path, and by doing so you will realize that it really is something very fun! No wonder the shark would do its best to eat people!

What is Hungry Shark World?

Hungry Shark World is a shark simulator where you can play in a combination of arcade and open world, explore the oceans and eat everything in your path.

Enjoy the enormous power of being one of the sharks that rule the seas, destroy everything that comes your way and travel the world from one end to the other by sea… and air! Because in this game you will not only be able to move underwater, but you will also be able to use different extras to come to the surface and eat those who believe they are safe above the water. Don’t let anything escape your sharp teeth!

Control up to 33 different sharks!

Hungry Shark World 2023 features up to 33 different sharks for you to choose from to explore the seas and eat everything from the hammerhead shark to, of course, the great white shark. Each one has its different characteristics and you will find it more appropriate for a different environment. These thirty-three sharks come in eight different sizes and will guarantee hours of playtime! And if at some point you manage to master them all, don’t worry, because the developers of this game are constantly adding new extras and there will undoubtedly be other new sharks to come.

Use jetpacks to get out of the water!

Do you get bored of always sailing underwater? No problem! In Hungry Shark World you’ll be able to fulfill every person’s dream: control a shark equipped with a jetpack. Yes, you read that right! In this game you will be able to equip any of your sharks with a jetpack to allow it to come out from under the water and attack your enemies on the surface.

It is the ideal way to overcome obstacles, attack ships or bite the people on the shore. Do not stop striving to attack your enemies with your powerful fangs on land, sea and air!

Destroy your enemies with laser beams!

But what if you get tired of biting? Maybe you’ve been putting too much use on that jaw in the last few hours and need an alternate way to take down anything that gets in your way. Okay, do not worry! Hungry Shark World will also allow you to fulfill the other great dream of every person: control a shark equipped with laser beams. Yes that’s how it is! Two great dreams of humanity brought together in this game. Strike down anything that swims near you with your laser beams and keep swimming while sharpening your fangs to devour your next victim!

A mix of Arcade and Open World

Hungry Shark World is a mix between arcade and open world where, on the one hand, you will be able to beat levels as you progress through the game, and, on the other, you have the freedom to explore the world at your leisure to discover new settings, new enemies, new gadgets and a host of other surprises. You choose how you want to face the game! But remember that in this game only the strongest survive, so wherever you go you will have to eat whoever comes your way.

In some areas they will only be harmless little fish, but in others you will have to face other sharks like you, fishermen, krakens… Welcome to extinction mode! Use your supersize mode, boosts, explosions and even hypnosis to survive and become the strongest of the seven seas!

Hungry Shark World APK Free Download

Download Hungry Shark World Gems APK to enjoy the full potential of this game! Click the link below to get the APK file.

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